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10 December 2010 @ 01:33 am
 I'm kinda lazy for this, u know? but today I'm just bored and feeling weird .-. and if don't write something, well, maybe I would not sleep xDDD but why don't to talk about it with someone in this house? hahaha They'll make fun of me cause they think I still being a child <--- LOL Maybe i must to create an imaginary friend...ok I'm Mad better go xDD hey...write this helps xDDD

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19 July 2010 @ 01:44 am
I Really Have To Post About these, you know is special xDDD The Party was really awesome, Laury Taught me how to enjoy a party *-* Awwww She Is Love :3 and her friends are cool too hahaha We Dance O_O and we were not Drunk, I Feel realized (?) xDDD.
Yesterday we woke up so early ( I mean early at 10 after going to bed at 4 am xDDD) of course tired but Laury We never get boring together as she always say " we are a Danger together"* so we talked about all kind of random topics, it was fun, but I have to leave her house :'(.
After that with my bro and my father we went to Unicentro (Yes, I feel like wow few hours before with Laury we were talking about it so i remember you dear).
and then we saw Sherk 4 :) 
well is late got to go people here is so annoying 77
bye bye

Yeah, can you believe that? I have to write my Autobiography, this is so bored are at less 4 pages and i have just the half of one :/ i dont know what i'm gonna put there, i know random things, but i have not enough stories xDDD.
Why i didn't before? Well, because i was tired (even if i slept whole day yesterday xDDD) and i was worried about a physic homework >.< this stupid subject is my worst nightmare, I hate the teacher, he just pay attention to the students who are ''better'' How The Hell The Others Are Going To Get Better Grades If He Ignore Us? =.= Mother....!!
We are in final exams :s i'm kinda nervous, i dont wanna lose any subject!!! yes, as you can see the school is my worst nightmare...
Now it's time to try to over this s***** OMG and this is my ... 4th post? xDDD

I Love U Baby *----*

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22 April 2010 @ 06:21 pm
U know, i don´t write when i dont have a big reason, coz im lazy xDDD, well i want to do it since yesterday but think about school makes me mooooreeee lazy and i dont do anything.
OH DAMN SCHOOL!!!! I WANNA LEAVE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to much pressure T-T, and well is kinda hard try to cohabit with people who are so hypocrite i mean they just cant tell u what they feel in ur face, just smile and annoyed ur life ¬¬, That school is really a crib of them u.u well but what im gonna do to this??, but i can forget something that mades my day *-* no, i cannot say what it is, i only can say is reaaaaaaaally silly :B yes im kinda stupid sometimes xDDD...
Tomorrow is going to be a booooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiing day, i dont wanna go T-T stupid spanish class ¬¬ stupid homework ¬¬! if it is not enough i have to mmm could i say this is a dance? whatever, it´s hard to learn in 3 days and coordinate is worst ...blah blah blah
ok too much mmm news (?) xDDD dont know what to write D:

I just dont know what to do with myself ♫
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15 February 2010 @ 12:03 am
back in home...ahhh i have a great Time in Laury's house *-* she show me awesome music *0* I love it !!!! but some good things are not forever u.u i mean meanwile i almost have a facial paralisis smiling watching Gazetto Dvd today, I chage it radically for tears and tears, i don't wanna listen no one here i just receive that all the things i do are bad like a sin, am I the worst person over these world??,My dreams seems to fall, i know i can´t live in a fantasy but it helps me a lot to continue believe in something or what´s the reason...live without an inspiration in life?
Now my mother does not wanna see me here u.u ahahahaha may i feel better with these???ahahahah now u can see why my self-esteem is too ''big'' ahahaha, well it is hard i just want to cry but i have to find the way to carry on and leave behind all of them who only makes me feel bad even if they don´t wanna do these .....
well well well is enough xDDDD maybe I will post tomorrow mmmhhh it depends how i feel xDDD
My boy *-* he also makes me happy *-* credits to Iwana one of the people who makes me smile :)
Sensual boy, Anzi *-* credits to Laury xDDD another who makes me smile *-*
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13 February 2010 @ 01:45 pm
A peticion de Laury he decidido actualizar despues de mil años sin hacerlo :B, de hecho desde antes de Navidad O.o eeeeennnn fiiiinn, xmas fue lo mejor xDDD tuvimos gaze-xmas *-* eso hizo mi año *-*, despues de eso mmm pasaron cosas poco relevantes asi que las omitire, despues toco regresar a casa D: ya me habia acostumbrado a estar alla T-T pero bueeeeee ya que , una semana despues el Dvd *-* lo ame, las ame niñas *-* . pero regresando a la realidad ya toco volver a estudiar T-T, XQ???!!!! T-T, y me toca hacer trabajos en un jardin de niños O.o xD Lil kids are not for me ashdjkh ya mucho si no me da mamera actualizo :B byeeeeeeeeeeeeRandom like this :B
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23 December 2009 @ 11:00 pm

bueee fue largo tiempo sin actualizar D: bueee ps mi camara no keria funcionar 7-7stapidu kamara!!! bue el kaso waaaa ya fui a Orlando     *----* muy frio el clima 7_7, algo aburrida la city xDD pero es ke too el mundo se va pa Universal downtown *-* bellisimo *acnto italiano xD* tan lleno de lights *-* y ni se diga el dichoso parke *0* era genial!!! y los desfiles y esas bobaas parecia una mokosa xDDD pero yo keria ir a Disney ToT bueee en fin dejare fotos ahh!! y una especial pa Laury ! xD


 there is the guy who make my life my life imposible...sometimes XD


la de Laury!!! xDD


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01 December 2009 @ 10:12 pm
Today was not my day! first I went to the beach and oh no!! i definitively don't like it too much XDDD was pretty boring even if it was beautiful (?), i want the time go fast, cause i dont want nobody get hurted with my way to be, well... i'm not feeling good with myself, I hope someday these can change cause is not only bad for me, is bad for the people around me :/...bahh I'm gonna forget that stupid thing and be cool and relax XDD

yeah i know im so damn random XDDD

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I have to do like Miyavi XDDDD peace XDD and think what a wonderful world XD
01 December 2009 @ 12:19 am
oh My God another entry in less time XDDD i think i'm gonna be writing always here XDDD is fun u.u that kind of things happens when u dont have nothing to do at 12 am XD, away from home where u cant do all u wanna do...well isnot really bad XDDD,yeah i know it hasnot sense but well who do something with sense when is bored?? XDDD...
ok im gonna sleep right now before someone here kill me XDDD
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oh,i almost forget...Laury are u gonna help me with the Yaoi story??? XDD im so exited XDDD
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30 November 2009 @ 01:14 pm
ok I'm really boring so i decided to post these, Ameba is not working right now u.u, come on and i jjust have 4days here XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Image and video hosting by TinyPic
////just Love these Pic XDDD////
oh if somebody can help me to fix my profile ;D
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